Establishing a new business seems like a challenging proposition which constantly forces you to improve your skills set. Yet, it can secure great benefits for both the company and economy at large. India has made its mark on the world map with the rapidly rising growth rate, best human resources, technology advancement and the government supporting and encouraging the ease of business. A physical presence in India is essential to break into the country’s emerging market. Hence, it is a highly rewarding time to start a business in India.

We, Jain and Partners, are here to help the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners effortlessly start and manage a business in India. Our Team of Professionals will provide you all the guidance with respect to registration of your business and post procedures.

Here are some of the Business structures that you may opt as suitable to your business:


Our CS Team at J&P handles all kinds of incorporation with utmost due diligence. From documents compiling to final incorporation our team works with utmost care leaving no potential loopholes. Our dedicated team of professionals provides assistance in the whole process and assures efficient working and completion of the matter under consideration.