Registered Office of the Company is the main place where all the communications and notices are addressed to it. It is noticed that there are so many circumstances exists during the lifespan of a Company to choose to changes its Registered Office. Some of them are as below mentioned-

  • Changes in the core activities of the business of the Company
  • Senior Management of the Company may be located at different cities or states
  • Lease period of the place has been expired
  • For enlarging the area of the operation of the Company

As per the provision of Section 12 of the Companies Act, 2013 every Company is required to have a registered office from the 30th day of its incorporation and at all times thereafter.

After incorporation, whenever there is a change in the registered office of the Company, then a notice of the change of the registered office along with a verification of the registered office needs to be filed with the ROC within 30 days of each change in the E-Form INC-22 along with prescribed fees.

For the purpose of understanding the provisions relating to shifting of Registered Office, the types of shifting can be bifurcated as:

As per Section 12, 13 and Rule 30 of Companies (Incorportion) Rules, 2014, shifting of registered office form one state to another and from the jurisdiction of One ROC to another requires approval of the Regional Director (RD) of the region in which the present registered office of the Company is situated.

However, shifting shall be confirmed only upon issue of a New Certificate of Incorporation from ROC.


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  • Drafting of Petition, Affidavits and Declarations
  • Drafting of Resolutions
  • Publication of notice of change in Newspaper
  • Filing of Forms, submitting petition and sending intimations to the ROC, RD and Chief Secretary
  • Getting approval from the authorities
  • Attending hearings on behalf of the Company, if required
  • Obtaining certified copy of the order and filing the same with the ROC


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