Patents provide the inventor a monopoly to make or sell his invention. The monopoly is provided in the form of rights which allow the inventor to prevent others from using, selling or making his product or using his process without his prior consent. Patents are given for inventions that are new, not obvious and are capable of being used in an industry. Patents help inventors and companies gain returns on the investment made in developing the technology.

Our patent law practice includes attorneys and professionals from wide range of technology domains including mechanical engineering, chemistry, electronics & communications, IT, software, life sciences and biotechnology having strong technical background with an in- depth knowledge of Indian patent laws.

Our Patent Team at J&P provides highest quality and customized services to its client including patent searches, patent drafting, patent filing in India, prosecution of patent applications, and enforcement and management of client’s patent portfolio. The Firm assists the clients in developing, protecting and enforcing their patent filling rights in a wide range of technology domains.

The Firm has a network of associates throughout the world to ensure that your ideas are protected not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.