29 Oct 2021

Arya Book Dept & Ors. v. Edurev Solutions


Plaintiff No. 1 is a registered partnership firm that publishes well-known books for school-going and graduating students in various subjects. Plaintiffs 2-6 are authors of the literary work named BULL’S EYE-Business Studies ‘Mastering Business Case Studies’’ for students of Class-XII. 

Later, defendant no. 1-7 started a site with domain name www.edurev.in and to the shock and dismay of the plaintiffs, it became apparent that the defendants were blatantly plagiarizing the contents of the book “BULL'S EYE- Business Studies ‘Mastering Business Case Studies’” without giving them enough credits. 


The learned counsel for the plaintiffs has drawn the attention of the Court to the reproduction of contents of the book of the plaintiffs and the website of the defendants to show how the chaptalisation, the diagrams, problems and solutions have all been copied verbatim by the defendants on their website. The counsel submitted that the defendants started their business only in the year 2020. Hence, learned counsel has sought that the defendants refrain from publishing and reproducing the original literary work of the plaintiffs and copying the same either verbatim or substantially on their website and on other platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Google Drive, Android Applications, Apple Applications, etc. 


Defendants No. 1-7 were not permitted to upload anything copying from the above-mentioned book on their website until the next hearing. 

Also, the court directed Defendant 8-10 to pull down the URLs being

  1. https://edurev.in/courses/15628_Crash-Course-ofBusiness-Studies-BST-Class 12,
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edurev and
  3. https://apps.apple.com/in/app/edurev/id1529835494 which contain the offending material forthwith.