Every business organization needs a trade license from regulators, be it the municipal corporation or the state government. Trade License is a document that gives permission and certifies you to carry on a particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not give ownership of property or permission for any other activity other than for which it is issued. The issuance of the license differs from state to state depending on the local government agencies i.e. Municipals rules and regulations. A Trade License is valid only for a period of one year.

In perspective of this, it is essential for any business establishments to take primary licenses from the License Department before beginning manufacturing, exchange or storage of any activity. The application has to be filed with the Commissioner in the Corporation at least 30 days before the start of business.

Our team at J&P understands the need and is well-versed with the procedure and the requirements. We take responsibility of the registrations from start till end.


  1. Shop License- This license is required for anyone who wants to open a shop. The shop can be of any retail type.
  2. Industrial License- This type of license is required for any company that wants to open a small or mid-sized industrial unit.
  3. Food Establishment License- Any establishment that plans on getting into the food and beverage industry requires this license. The license applies to restaurants, cafes, meat shops, bakeries and vegetable shops


  1. Identity Proof
  2. Lease documents/agreement in case of premises are on lease.
  3. Occupancy Certificate
  4. Address Proof
  5. PAN of Entity
  6. Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and AOA of the company.
  7. Cancelled Cheque and Bank Statement.
  8. Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and AOA of the company.
  9. Documentary proof of establishment of trade.
  10. Documentary proof regarding the non-existence of unauthorised construction.
  11. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the land-owning agency.


The trade licenses in India are renewed from January 1st to March 31st.The application for renewal of the license is to be done within 30 days from the date of its expiry. In case the renewal process is delayed, then it may attract fine depending upon the rules and regulations of the issuing authority.

  1. Address Proof and Identity Proof
  2. Original copy of Trade License
  3. Previous year Challans
  4. Up to date property tax paid receipt